After 22 years, I have resigned form JWT.

After 22 years at JWT, I have decided to resign from the agency.

These have been 22 extra-ordinary years. In an extra-ordinary agency. One that dared recruit a Frenchman in its ‘so British’ graduate program. One that dared send me to set up an office behind the fallen  Berlin wall, making me its youngest CEO at 25. One that trusted me to run that agency.
And if that wasn’t enough adventures, an agency that then allowed me to return to London to set up digital@jwt

Continuing in the same vein by trusting me with a great brand around the world, Rolex. To finally give me the keys of its Paris flagship.

It took an extraordinary agency, with extraordinary talents to keep me 22 years. I leave a Paris office that has energy, a new creative track record on fabulous clients, and a strong new business stream. But most importantly I leave great people. A team. I wish them all the best, they deserve it.

Because it took an extraordinary proposal to lure me away. I will announce early January the proposal I was excited to accept. One that you will see just cannot be refused. Proof  extraordinary agencies make fantastic springboards.

I will continue my term in my role as President of the AACC to support and defend the agency world, until the new election in June.


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