AXE radical change: Kiefer Sutherland and the woman that petrified him.

Who is your Susan Glenn?
You know that girl that obsessed you so much you never dared talk to her.
Come on be honest.
From a brand that promised you an orgy of women ready to tear your clothes apart, this new commercial is surprisingly…honest. 
You could say it’s honest not just from a brand but from a man… and from Mr 24 hours even more.

A radical change…and one that delivers an insight the hard way, but beautifully written. 
Can we break the fear with a little Axe? They seems to think so.
So come on who is your Susan Glenn?

I have to say that AXE has been taking a good break away from orgyland, and giving us very fresh new work. See the previous campaign here, silver at Cannes. 

Funny how I posted a film yesterday with celebrities giving you the name of their favorite teacher. 


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