the top of your web, now in an app. Great idea! #rankmillaacc

Is there a cure for the Fear of Missing out? How do you catch what’s being shared on Twitter, Facebook, seen on Youtube?

Check check check, but sometimes some of us have to work, or have to take a shower, or talk to someone without going through the Twitter feed.

So A young start up created an app for that. It’s simple, it’s called Rankmill and it gives you the top links/videos shared on your social networks. And what’s new also here is that it analyses the people you follow, not the entire Twitter feed. 
So you’ll see what were the most tweeted links in the last hour, 12h 24h or last week.
And it will also look at your lists. Giving these a completely new life.

And for the marketers around, it can look at specific brands. Right now they’ve put a few brands to test it like BMW Dior or Pepsi (check the list)
It’s easy to use, although only in French but I’m sure if this is a success you’ll get an English version, and anyway you’ll find you’re way through it easily.

So go to the app store and download Rankmill for AACC or follow this link

If you want to know more or if you have any feedback don’t hesitate to contact them:

And finally, don’t hesitate to share it!


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