The most interview in the world. Get that trader on a boat!

This has to be the most incredible interview I watched in a long time. An independent trader declares how he does not care about the economy because his job is to make money, because Goldman Sachs rules the world, and how much he had been dreaming of a new recession. Yes the 1030 were great we learn…

Well Mr Alessio Rastani. At least you had the balls to say it on TV. But let me tell you this. It’s exactly that kind of thinking that took our economies where they are. You selfish ruthless unconscious way of thinking has turned the world upside down with all of us watching. 

You might not have noticed it but people’s aspirations have changed. And yes while the madness lasts there are now signs that new leaders are emerging, new ways of working. They’er not yet ruling the world, but things go faster than you might be used to.

And while I can do nothing to change the financial system, I have to say that I will make it my pleasure to make your thinking and behavior so totally unsocially acceptable that you’ll find it hard to find someone wanting to have you for dinner. I hope you discover soon that see all the money in the world  won’t buy you a lot of things…


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