The three best news the advertising business got today.

Here is an epic Grand Prix. The outdoor grand prix at Cannes Festival. But an award that signals a huge change. 

Because in reality it has nothing to do with Outdoor really.

It demonstrates how the digital world has put creativity on steroids. It has exploded the traditional barriers between media. Barriers that said outdoor is outdoor, print is print ambiant is ambiant and web is web. We’ve seen that coming in the past couple of years, and in fact I haven’t been in a jury discussion lately where we haven’t had that discussion. At the time where the number of categories explode, they have been made redundant by creativity. Yesterday I posted a PR campaign grand prix that’s not just a PR campaign, and today here is a Outdoor campaign that’s not just an outdoor campaign.

The first piece of  good news is that all of our media are connected today, see how the web connects you in this case to outdoor places, and vice versa. 
The second good news is that if a media does not exist, we can create it. A jacket in a shop, a car in the street, if the creative work is great enough (not good enough) people will enjoy it, like it, share it.
The third piece of good news is that thinking that a media lives on its own has been made redundant. Barriers? Exploded.

The great news is that the best work we’re seeing right now is not just advertising, it’s an experience offered to the public. An experience people want to join in.

So enjoy Jay Z decoded, the case history right here:


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