Best of twitter. The links you should’t miss from last week

So what did we catch this week? You were asleep last week, in a no wifi zone, busy on a poker table at work, or like evryone you did not find the time to be 24/7 online? Well our planners (special thanks to @anneso_r )caught a few of the unmisseable gems in the stream. Follow the list, and if you’ve got some of your own don’t hesitate to share them here.

– We start the week by this an advertiser who has real fans. People who love their product badly. And an advertiser who keeps his sense of humour about it. So they opened a tv channel. Not one you’ve seen very often. A channel that shows one thing, this:

We know it happens online ( try to define it). But here is a great infographics on what happens there in 60 seconds.

Probably one of the best pieces I’ve read so far on theFuture of media- or even the present of any co’s <<

When Mini reconciliates Google and Facebook:

Did you like the be stupid campaign from Diesel? If so you’ll enjoy this:  

And finally. Do you work in advertising, take revenge on these silly questions:


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