Simply the best of twitter. The links you shouldn’t miss

This was a rich week on Twitter. But thank god our digital planners scanned it all and made a great selection for us. Thanks @roxibrown and @anneso_r 

Social Media :
– 9 Lessons From Successful Brands on Twitter
– Facebook & Relationships (Infographic)
– We First : The future of Social Media ?
– Introducing the Twitterphone – Twitter and Apple: Making Beautiful Music & Pictures Together – 

Digital Campaigns :
– "" –> A Brand-generated love from Tiffany & Co
– Pourquoi les marques de luxe aiment Instagram ? 

Campaigns :
– A Cinema makes an Ad w/ an angry voice mail from a customer kicked out 4 texting in the cinema

– A brillant ad for France24 about the role of social media in the Arab revolution #hitchcock

E-Marketing / Social Media
– How to turn your customers into social marketers 


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