Hope you haven’t missed these links last week

> Our planners caught some great links for you last week, @anneso_r hand picked these, great stimuli to get thinking, enjoy them!

> Innovation :
> – How Jack Dorsey’s Square Is Accidentally Disrupting The Entire Payments Industry http://zite.to/jMYDIJ
> Social Media :
> – No one really wants to be friend with brands http://zite.to/kg4jP8
> – Why Not Everything is Social http://bit.ly/mOpwGq
> Digital :
> – Donate your spelling mistakes to UNICEF ! http://t.co/2c
> – Blippar Creates ‘Universal’ Augmented Reality App http://t.co/908bMRP
> – An interactive and entertaining definition of what blending is… http://daftpunk.themaninblue.com/
> Campagnes alternatives :
> – “Eat the Road” : An Edible Print Ad from Volkswagen. –http://ow.ly/53n3X
> – Interactive isn’t necessarily Digital http://bit.ly/iZ9u7m


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