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This week we focus the best of on social media with a tour of the best catches we’ve made this week:

Starting with a little fun, or a little freakyness, here is the first little girl called ‘like’…

Well, social media is all good, but what are you trying to achieve there? Here is a view on five key metrics worth looking at:

Based on that, a point of view by Brian Sollis on a review he has done, giving a very interesting point of view: only one in 16 brands give you a reason to ‘like’ them (do you):

So while we’re there, here are some of the common mistakes people make, what to avoid on Facebook:

For a little inspiration, a look from the very start at what a blogger sees as the 10 best online campaigns; some will surprise you:

And to finish: a view from mashable about how high end needs to deal with Facebook. High end often meaning strong brands, it’s worth a tour here: