The Ultimate proof that mutltiplatforms rules the web

Over the last two days, I have been struck by two campaigns. Both by very different brands but that have in fact ended up having a lot of common. The first one for a product that costs you over 100K€ the other about 2€.

Porsche and Heineken, both took up actions to thank the digital sphere, and both for getting one million likes on facebook.

But before you discover the campaigns in video, here are a few interesting learnings:

First digital and real have officially merged: you get thanked in real life, by a real event for something digital.
Second: Facebook is the new brand paradise. You don’t get thanked for visiting a site, for going to a bar or a dealer, but for liking on FB.
Third: 1 million is the goal. Not 50K not 200K not even 500. 1 Million. Not surprising, 1 million becomes a mass audience.
Fourth: this is the ultimate proof of how the web has moved from one site to a series of multiple entries: you get a banner to take you to a youtube-video featured on a minisite thanking you for liking on FB site or on the FB app on you mobile. And you get the thank in a bar or on a car that you can video or take a shot of to put back on youtube, on FB on your blog on flickr or in your room. A picture you’ll share through twitter obviously…

Proof the world has changed!

The site:

And an example of someone putting their shot on flickr:

And now heineken million hugs:


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