This year’s web phenomenon. Meet the double rainbow man. Did I crywatching the video?

Web phenomenons? Here is one interesting one. It all starts with this video, a camper sees double rainbows, films, and more importantly has just an surreal reaction, crying whimping, for the fun fun go to the 2nd minutes, I have to admit it slightly freaks me out… But it doesn’t stop here because over 21million views later, he starts a real web phenomenon. (more on that after the video)

Now double vereythings start to appear: double cra here with 1,5 million views

Even in video games:

And now over 20 videos with over 500 000 videos relating to the topic, skittles updates its status every other day mentionning him, and the man who did it becomes a network tv star with a name: “double rainbow man”just here:

So unpredictable, the web sure is. What else will we do with double rainbows? I am sure we haven’t heard the last of the ‘double rainbow man’


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