Assassin Creed launch, why the fake interaction?

I don’t like to be in the criticism seat. But when I look at the campaign below, I just can’t help wonder how a product like Assassin Creed, a game that stimulates passions, games, competition and interaction does a launch campaign that just pretends. Have a go below, you will be given the offer to click to the next level. No choice, no game only silly new windows that open on your screen. Someone has tried here, hard. But why treat the ad campaign differently from the game. If the game was like this no one would play, so why would this advertising work then?
It made me feel the game was dull, gave me no choice, did not want me to interfere.

So as digital moves, please make your camapigns at least as good as your products. For if I did not know the game, this certainly was not make me want to buy it at all…


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