Best of twitter this week: technology, disasters, employees action, and a great case study. Handpicked for you!

So here is my round up of the week on Twitter. We’ll cover new technology and software for Twitter users, a review of the worst f…up’s on social media, and finish with a great case study from someone who has activelly encouraged its people to engage. Enjoy!

First of all a little tech, see face recognition as new ways to log onto your facebook or twitter accounts:

Next is an interesting initiative. Could we use all that’s being said about a brand in a day on the web to write a story? Well these people think so, and I can’t wait to try it:

Now for those of you looking into SM, this is an interesting presentation. It won’t tell you what to do, but it will show you what not to do. A history of screw ups:

And finally a discussion that is reving up: how companies should deal with social media? Stop people participating, or the reverse. Here is a short article on the subject.For my part I told the agency recently that people who did not have twitter accounts, will get email shut down. Not that Twitter is the be all end all, but because I think that unless you are activelly participating, engaging and searching, you are not able to make real recommendations. People: understand, test, learn, or move away please.

And for those of you who have not seen this case study, a great demonstration of what sociual media can do to your company when people inside embrace it, see this amazing case study:


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