When a brand plays transparency to the full, an incredible programme to watch

Some of you may know this campaign since Domino’s pizza made corporate history when admitting how bad they pizza tasted and what they were going to do about it.
The story continues with a new opus reviewing their ingredients, but before looking at this new chapter (which by the way is interesting but not quite there-more on that later), here is a quick review of what had been done. A full programme that is I have to say very impressive.

The story starts with social media, and people complaining that Domino’s pizzas tasted more like cardboard than…pizza. I haven’t eaten cardboard recently but I understand it tastes a little rough. Well, where most corporations would have briefed their agency to spend millions trying to tell people that in fact the pizzas tasted great,  they decided to accept to …accept. Yes their pizza did not taste great, and they were going to do something about it. For real. Just the kind of transparency digital natives expect of a brand (for thise of you who read our study on this blog) . The now famous pizza turnaround programme was born. (see video below).
The story then continued: the pizza looks like crap on arrival, so they’ll deal with it (see video again), the pizza in the ad looks fake, well see how they do it for real (slightly frightening though, although as someone who has shot food commercials before one has to admire how they do it with real products…)- video is also attached.

And now the next stage. People don’t believe that the pizzas are made with real ingredients, so they are opening a site that helps you discover how through interactive games. And video to illustrate it with consumer groups discovering much to their surprise where the cheese was made: yes a real farm…
I have to say that although the idea is a relativelly good one, I am not a fan of how it’s been made. Why are these people surprised when they came to the farm in the first place. Well in short  I can’t help to say that with something real to say, it might have been done better. A little easy from me you would rightly say, well I’m still a fan of how they are opening reality. And wishing more companies would have the guts, and the capability to do the same…

So now the videos, starting from the end: the first of the last season: people on the farm, then the delivery, then the ad and finally the original turnaround.


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