Old Spice gets the Sesame Street treatment, and tops viral. I’m on a horse!

Well, here is a campaign that is not ready to stop becoming part of our culture. It started going viral with millions pf hits on youtube, got the interactive treatment with tweets leading to a dialogue a over 200 films produced to answer queries, it got a university treatment, and now Sesame Street. Absolutelly fabulous!!

What is great with it here is that it absolutelly grows on you. It also shows that viral is never an instant thing, it’s about making it grow. It takes time, and it eneds to be nurtured to finally become where we like advertising, where Warhol saw it: pop culture.

So hello ladies , look at the Sesame Street version, top of viral films this week with over 2,5million views in 3 days and growing fast. then back to me, then you’ll find the other inspired films. Sadly they are not the original so you’ll find the tickets to it below. Who’s next on a horse ?


The tweet film:

The university:

The original:

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