Digital natives: how to navigate the freebie economy. Digital footprint n°7 #digital natives


Freebie economie
Rejoice legislators, media owners, majors… the internet is free!

  11 million French are downloading free content. On BitTorrent 850 000 files are downloadable free-of-charge.
All  is accessible: software, films, games, books and, of course, music.

Better still,
you can even do it without cheating, deezer, Spotify and Last FM allow you to stream all the contents you want, without even using your hard drive.

An economy that has a certain element of "Magic". But now magic IS the norm.
So naturally,  digital natives are asking brands to provide ‘magic’ if they want to get their attention and their money. H&M gets star designers to make 10euros shirts, magic. Application are downloadable on your mobile for free, magic. The boss of an American airline replies to their comments, magic.

There are 3 key things to take into account going forward:

Experience without commitment. Giving the ability to test, the possibility of breaking a contract without a cancellation fee, satisfying them or reimbursing them are recipes for success. And the opposite is often a source of conflict.

Immediate gratification. How can you give credit for the attention they will give, the time they will spend, their loyalty or the influence they will help you benefit from. A good example of this is the ctzar network. Worth a look at, since it is one of the best examples I have found of community evangelism on the behalf of brands.

Make the impossible a reality. Exactly what H&M does when Jimmy Choo makes affordable shoes. What Mini does when it defies Porsche to a race, or what Damien Hirst doe when selling his art for free online.

A mouvement which is fundamental and far more than stimulating because it puts differentiation at the centre of the brands’ offer, more so than simply fancy names or gadget marketing. And it is transforming large manufacture companies, into service businesses, helping reshape relationships around the consumer. Remember how Addidas said that "impossible is nothing"…

tomorrow: I’ve got the power…

Adweek’s 2009 Global Agency of the Year

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