Digital natives: high on emotions if you don’t want to be ignored #digitalnatives #research


  Get noticed!
If there’s a place where it is a challenge, it’s the definitely the digital space. There are more than 240 million web sites (a figure which has doubled in 3 years) and 150 million videos on YouTube.
All competing to capture people’s attention. It’s no wonder emotion is king. Whoever sends a shiver down your spine gets your attention. Especially when the average time spent on a site is around 56 seconds… The pleasure should be intense, strong and immediate. Exactly like in chatroulette where you hit the next button as soon as you start getting bored.
It’s a behaviour which will be found in all media consumption: when “Star Academy” gets boring, the more extreme Secret Story comes to the rescue for TF1.
When films get pirated  on the web, cinema regains its dignity by being in 3D.
On Facebook you don’t say "that’s interesting" or "that’s right’ but "I like this".
It’s a difficult movement to define because it’s not just about a quick change of form. It’s more a movement which demands to see a product, a speech, a moment of entertainment in an emotional and not just a rational light.
For our marketing careers, it means bringing the rational into the brand’s speech, by surprising people. Because this new audience only remembers stuff that shocks, amazes and makes them laugh all at the same time.
The brands which impress, that is to say those which you want to carry round with you, use and therefore buy, are the ones which are the most surprising.

In provoking these emotions, the brands become a source of pleasure once again, making the active more attractive (rather than the passive), and favouring sharing at the heart of a like community.


  The advantage is great, because every source of pleasure is now shared, allowing brands which have encompassed this to multiply their marketing efforts. An effect which Wilkinson’s Fight for Kisses benefited from greatly, just like Cadbury’s gorilla or the Evian babies, now a world record.

Next footprint, on Monday: talk with the Digital natives? Take the shortcut…

Adweek’s 2009 Global Agency of the Year

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