Digital natives: THE 3rd footprint: they are not connected to who you think. #digitalnatives #research

Like for likes: connected to millions, yes, but millions like me.

beauty shot the web bringing the world in all its diversity together.
The reality is quite different.

  Ok it’s true that the world has opened. But in reality  opening it’s brought together people who look like each other.
The digital natives are firstly a hyper-connected generation. In one year the time spent on social network has soared  300%. For a 11-15 year old the web is 74% about communicating with others. In our research, the top  three main reasons for connecting are instant messengers, social networks and chats.

  But this new connection occurs around like-minded people. Communities yes, but similar people. A new centre of gravity governed by new laws :

Narcissism, and a developed taste for being the center of attention.
Our tv screens are full of programs like : "nobodies with a secret, singing nobodies, dancing nobodies, …".

Scandalism: because if you want to get noticed, there’s nothing like creating a good scandal.

Mercantilism, with everything becoming a potential piece of merchandise. Whether or not money is involved, everything can be used for transaction: an autograph on your buttocks today is worth 200 commentaries on Facebook..

A new reality, which thwarts the principles of mass marketing: which preached that with 30 beautiful little seconds we could convince the masses.
Let’s not be foolish. This is still often true. But let’s not be blind either. The vast majority of advertisers are turning a blind eye to the opportunity which communities offer. Today, we need to be looking not just for a targeting strategy, but an ultra-precise one.  This surpasses the traditional criterion of age and socio-cultural categories, to integrate new criterias like the emotional sphere, dreams and precise interests.
This is an environment where the brand will need to focus its attention and message to their centres of interest, their preoccupations; in brief their world and its singularity.
Here is a digital footprint that eventhough it has become a little trendy, has gréât difficutly making its way into the real marketing strategy. And even if the term ‘community manager’ is th enew bizzword, it is a job that often does not have meaning..or…power. The reality is that a lot of time is spent thinking about the community manager, and very little time thinking about the ‘community managed’. Surprising when the business and Relationship potential of liking real life business and communities is simply enormous. For the first time a company’s business has the opportunity to be in realtime with the aspirations, and desires of its customers.

Few seats available though, first one first served !

 tomorrow: how to deal with a group that has simply got all knowledge at their fingertip…

Adweek’s 2009 Global Agency of the Year

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