the power of the web: Who’s the new star? YOU YOU and YOU! #think #myspace

When Time named ‘you’ person of the year a couple of years ago, little did they know that this was going to keep going. Microsoft featuring people who changed windows, htc featuring ‘you’ as the reason for their phone. Brands have come down to earth, to our level, or in fact we’re all the new kings: you, him and me are the new stars.

A very fundamental change our world, spurred by whom? I would argue that it’s a direct applicaiton of the web on the real world. We’re now officially in command.

And to start 2010, this gets better. It’s not just brands it’s stars that now adore each of us. See this new campaign by Myspace where we all get featured and adored by worldfamous artists.

And try it for yourself on the link below the video.


the link for your own video:


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