the top 10 best brand responses to recession

JWT’s AnxietyIndex Hall of Fame: Top 10 brand responses to recession.

After almost a year spent surveying brand and consumer response to the recession through our, we found that only a handful of the 350 examples we collected across 24 countries truly stood out. Creating innovative work isn’t easy in any economic climate; it’s even harder when marketing budgets are low and risk aversion is high.

Our AnxietyIndex Brand Hall of Fame salutes 10 of the most notable responses to the recession that we’ve seen. We believe these will hold up in years to come as case studies of work that transcend typical approaches to a downturn. Our third AnxietyIndex Quarterly explains why we think so.

Our Top 10 in ascending order:

10. American Express
9. Caixa Econômica Federal
8. Woolworths
7. Financial Times
6. Portuguese Red Cross
5. JetBlue
4. Cash for Clunkers
3. The Economic Times
2. Levi’s
1. Hyundai Motor America

You can download the whole report from the Trends and Research section here:


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