New media, old habits? Or how new media is screwing up its own game. #think

Why is it that the new media owners seem to be replicating the same rules that has turned people away from old media, and made consumers want to do away with advertising.

If we have learned something, I thought it was that interuption was not a model for the future. That the advantage of advertising in digital media was that it wasn’t barging in on our lives, like tv ads do.
If that’s’the case, what on earth are these pop up banners doing polluting my web space, what are these unwanted sms’s’doing on my phone?

And what is happening? Banner efficiency is dropping fast. Why would that be surprising.

Seems to me that everyone is working so hard to put their hands on advertisers’ dollars (or euros) that they are putting their own business model at risk. Everyone from production companies, to web sites, mobile operators should think a little harder before it’s’too late. Before they turn people and advertisers away.

Last week we had a presentation in the agency from an extraordinary new web site. One of the largest in France, with great success in the music business. What did they want? Money from our clients to pay for their development. What did they offer: any type of banners. They proudly presented how we could pollute their home page making it close to unbareable to viewers. And then the big surprise. They could also offer to add sound commercials before every song that was played. How terrible. Seriously who would want to have that inflicted upon them. Better still we could mix pop ups and sound.
Why not kick the site user as well.
When we tried to dig a little more they offered us promotional games.
A great innovative media, with such old fashionned behaviour.

How could they so openly offer for us to put their relationships at risk? How does advertising help them better that relationship?

I can understand that anyone would want fast growth. I can understand that old habits are easy to put in place. But doesn’t anyone see this cannot work long term?

I look forward to the day that someone will want to work with us to see how a brand can contribute positivelly to a digital media’s’experience. How this can help our clients grow relationships and their business.

The success of the best clubs in the world is to know how to refuse people that do not fit. To know how to make the best experience for its members. Successfull businesses know how to refuse bad distribution, and bad expansion. That should be how a good media offer is build. Because caring too much for today’s’revenue will inevitably damage tomorrow’s.
I know the crisis is there. Especially in the media world. But that should be the occasion to do things right for a change. Because stronger relationships will drive stronger businesses.

Isn’t it time to make advertising something people can welcome, something that respects them and actually can be enjoyed, or useful?
Frédéric Winckler
Twitter: @lefreddie

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