#think : watch the twitter ‘faux pas’

How great is that. Google now reports your tweets.
Is that search gone mad? Or where is your intimacy on the web totally gone?

Think. Tweet to a friend a joke, tweet in a moment of fury something you cannot bare. And there it comes back to hit you. Anyone anytime in the future can see it, take it out of context.
Think anyone could sue you for inappropriate diffamation.
Think any employer might decide that people of your views might not be appropriate according to their ‘politburo’.

Humm. If transparency is great, if it changes relations between people and brands, isn’t it going a little far?

So who will invent a web where we can choose what stays private and what doesn’t. Keep that thought…

And the web that doesn’t learn might suffer simple disaffection. Miley Cyrus decided to kiss Twitter goodbye, studios are now forbidding stars to use it.

But rather than words, see Miley rap you why:


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