Revelations:the unknown family links between Facebook Twitter and their reverse brother Google

And there it hit me.
What are Twitter and Facebook if not just the picture negative of Google?
Think one second. Google takes you to information you are looking for. You ask, it fetches.
FB and Twitter however do the exact reverse. They bring you things you were not looking for. Stuff people have fetched for you. And you haven’t done anything.

But there it hit me again.
So what are FB And Twitter if not the modern verison of TV and magazines? Links, posts videos for you to browse from. Only we have just invented peer to peer TV and magazines without thinking about it.
Contrary to Napster it’s not music we’re sharing. But exactly like Napster, we take content from others and send it to our friends. Free of charge. And when we write or share videos, they get the exact treatment (when we’re lucky), still free of charge.
Notably Though no one has yet been sued or seen their computer confiscated for sharing someone else’s article.

And did you notice how you have started to look more at links from certain ‘friends’ or people you ‘follow’. How you’ve learned to invent a new type of remote control that scans for the content you want to see, or read?

We could be ironic and say that what we’ve in fact done, us the really forward thinkers ,adopters of new technology, is that we have simply reformated our old habits. From TV potatoe coach waiting lazyly for the next film, we’ve become MAc coaches lazyly awaiting what others are sending us.

But we could also look forward, and think: why would we stop there? Who will create the first real peer to peer TV station? Oh I like that thought….


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