don’t let anyone in, you’ll have the best time

Are we all totally sado masochists? If not why is it that what we desire most is what we cannot in principle have?
See, when everyone talks about connecting with their audience, many successful brands or products seem to do the exact reverse. Just take today’s madness on Twitter about Google waves, my screen is only filled with people making false promises and their new followers desperately wanting to believe them. How many IT managers, and google goafers have been attacked by people suddently wanting to be their friends. take H&M and the queues sleeping outside their shops the night before the release of a new designer’s collection, take Uniqlo and the opening of their new shop in Paris, and take le Baron – the Parisian night club- and the people coming the world over to be bounced of.

Worth a good think, because in the end, brands that crawl on their knees desperately wanting us to come in are the ones we will turn away from to in our own turn crawl to try to get where no one else can.

That’s probably because we all hide great vanity and can turn to our friend next door and say: ‘I’ve got Google Waves, you don’t, well they came to me asking…’

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